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I created this blog to write about music, technology and design. Unfortunately this blog never got completely finished, and I never started writing. Nevertheless, I would like to share the design with you. The design is focussed on the importance of the content, and uses a lot of white space to centralize it.



Dutch Invertuals Collected

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In collaberation with/commissioned by one of Eindhoven's top design studio Edhv, we created a platform for a local group of designers known as Dutch Invertuals.

View at dutchinvertualscollected.com




Gardenly is an idea that I started working in while studying in Stockholm. It was soon shelved, but I made this introductory page, to set up a style. Check out the page at jsnijders.com/play/garden


Side Project: Movie Hero


Sometimes I get ideas, which I then start to realize. This project started with the idea of creating a platform on which people can give each other tips for movies to watch. People can create new requests, based on a genre and/or a movie they like and would like to use as a reference. Others can reply on this request by telling them what movie they would advice.

The application is hooked up to a IMDb API that automatically receives movie data like name, director and posters and a Facebook API that can retrieve names and profile photos. This project is in progress!, but can be viewed at www.jsnijders.com/filmheld


Side Project: Record Cabinet


Another idea! I was really annoyed by the fact that Spotify could not order music in a way that was actually useful and that could create a functional overview. So, I started to work on a web application that could do this. Working with music API's and Spofify's own API I was able to create a platform that could link entered music data to Spotify.

(Un)fortunately, Spotify fixed the usability issue and this website has become nothing more than a relic of the past. You can view it at jsnijders.com/spotcollect.